Are you in the business of serving others? 
(Coaches, creatives, writers etc )

Do you have a big message that you are sharing or want to share with the world?

If the answer is YES... keep on reading - this is the type of Business Mentoring you may need that you never actually knew you needed!

This is Transformational Business Mentoring and it's very different to your typical Business Mentoring. 

Transformational Business Mentoring is the process of keeping you aligned both Practically and Energetically with your Business Mission. 

This means firstly becoming crystal clear on what your Business Mission actually is - the WHY you actually have this business in the first place, WHAT you are wanting to achieve by having it and most importantly, HOW you want to FEEL as a result of having it! 

Practically, what this means is I will help you work through any blocks and beliefs, ie - that elusive glass ceiling to your business. Whether you are having difficulty attracting clients or not earning the money you would like, I will help you identify the "real" reason this stuff is happening and one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that it all comes down to the relationship you have with yourself. 

Energetically, this means I will support you in keeping your ego in check! Do not get caught in the trap of thinking because you hold space for others, you obviously have or must "appear" to have all of your own "stuff" sorted! If you are human, you have stuff - that's actually the definition of being human! The only thing this ego driven mindset creates is keeping you disconnected and out of reach for the clients you are actually trying to attract. Believe me, this energy will be felt before you even open your mouth! On the flip side, I will also guide you into shining a light on the gifts and talents you may not even know you have because of underlying beliefs hiding out in your Light Shadow.