What is the difference between Transformational Coaching and Life Coaching? 

Both forms of coaching have the same purpose of making change in your life. Where Transformational Coaching differs is the intention is based on how you want to FEEL rather than just what you want to achieve and focus on redefining the relationship you have with yourself. Transformational Coaches bring a miriad of additional tools and techniques to the table to support you on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You will also receive a higher level of support from me as your coach due to the deep nature of this work.

How does Transformational Coaching differ from Therapy? 

There is a very significant difference between the two modalities. Transformational Coaching, explores the relationship you have with yourself (eg. your limiting beliefs, inner child relationship, shadow self), with the intention of releasing the unprocessed, destructive emotions associated with this relationship. The primary intention is to re-establish a positive and healthy relationship with yourself from today and beyond. Unlike therapy, we do not focus on WHY things occured or delve into specific traumatic events. 

Will I get the results I want from Transformational Coaching? 

Yes, you bet! It's a pretty simple equation, the results you achieve will be a direct result of the amount of work you put into your coaching experience. As long as you are committed to doing the work, the results are guaranteed to be there (it's not called inner-WORK for nothing!) 

How do I know if I should work with Transformational Coach or a Life Coach? 

If you are at a place where you are examining or questioning the feelings and relationship you have with yourself, looking at your belief systems, wanting to find out more about what makes you tick rather than what you've been conditioned to think... then I would suggest that you are looking for the extra dimension of Transformational Coaching. A simple phone or skype call with me will ensure that you are in the right place. 

Why would I want to work with you? 

I have worked with dozens of clients and have hundreds of sessions under my belt! You can read more about my qualifications below.
MORE IMPORTANTLY...I live this stuff! Not doing a course or two but I have invested over 10 years of my life to actually transforming the relationship I have with myself. I consistently work on myself, keeping my energy in check so that the space I can hold for those I love most and my beautiful clients is the safest, strongest and most secure it can be. When you are wanting to make real change in your own life, the absolute key is finding someone who has done the real life, hard yards work on themselves. Think about it... would you go to surgeon if they had never performed an operation before? Would you pay someone to put together your website if they have never actually sat in front of a computer? Inner work and coaching is no different! If you want change, work with someone who has made the real changes you are seeking for themselves! 


What are your qualifications as a Transformational Coach? 

This type of coaching focuses on the body as a whole - emotional, mental, physical and spritual and my qualifications reflect this. 

  • Three year Advanced Diploma in Cathartic Breathwork (Global Transformative Education)
  • Behavioural Decision Making Process Facilitation (Global Transformative Education)
  • Certified Beautiful You Life Coach (Beautiful You Coaching Acadamy)
  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy (School of Complimentary Therapy)