I have always loved the creative process of making something out of nothing and that every creation is so uniquely individual. 12 years ago my mum and dad gifted me a Wacom which is a digital drawing pad that lets you draw directly onto the computer. It changed the way I was able to create and ignited a creative passion that until this time was laying dormant. These days I work on an Apple-Pro IPad. Although digital, my work is all done freehand and I adore the level of colour and vibrancy that can be achieved through this medium. I literally get lost for hours in my drawing, creating different characters and bringing my words to life in picture form. My own personal style has developed which I would describe as BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, FUN and QUIRKY. 

The name Heart Inspired Art is pretty self-explanatory as my illustrations are created directly from my heart with very specific intention and energy as the final product is designed to make you FEEL. If you take a close look, you'll also notice that each illustration incorporates a heart (or 20). 



In 2017 I decided to self-publish THE BOOK OF REMINDERS FOR THE MODERN GODDESS. It is one of about 10 books I have written and illustrated and it felt like the right time to put a little part of the creative me out into the world. It's a book designed to remind you of the simple things in life with illustrations of little girls representative of your own inner child. Each little girl has no face and so YOU determine how YOU feel about the reminder and image rather than it being pre-determined for you. 

These books are available for purchase directly from me and make beautiful personal gifts as well as very intentional gifts for clients. If you are interested in purchasing, have an enquiry or would like to stock them, please contact me here.


I recently purchased a copy of A BOOK OF REMINDERS FOR THE MODERN GODDESS by Natalie Gaul and it has been without a doubt the best investment I have made in my 7 year old daughter's emotional health. My daughter struggled with suicidal thoughts at the age of 5 as a result of severe bullying. Since then we have tried numerous approaches to helping her understand her emotions and the importance of emotional wellbeing.
This book has been by far the most successful therapy we have tried.

After a horrendous day at school, my daughter and I sat down together and read the book - the change that came over her was immediate. She was at peace with herself! Now when she is struggling she gets the book for herself and reads a few pages. It not only provides her with quiet time for reflection but really encourages her to look after herself and reinforces that she is perfect just the way she is.

Natalie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are amazing!!

- Sally Brownlie - 


I love working for others to help bring their own creative products to life. From children's books, oracle cards, business thank yous and inspiration cards - let your imagination go there!  I work on both collaboratively and on a commissioned basis so if you connect with my style and would like to discuss any projects, please don't hesitate to contact me