You are here because you are ready to re-define the relationship you have with yourself.



- Are ready to step into the driver's seat of your own life

- Are ready to be fully supported with the utmost truth and integrity

- Want to reconnect and establish a nurturing, kind and compassionate relationship with yourself

- Want to start living fully and whole by shining a light on and integrating all aspects of yourself

- Are ready to reclaim your own personal power without the need for other's approval

- Want to ditch the self-sabotaging of your own success and live the life you know you truly deserve

- Are ready to commit to turning your ideas and dreams into reality

- Are ready to throw out the self-shaming, show up and shine your light big and bright in this world 


-  The Foundational concepts to give you the best start in your transformation journey (you can get a head start on this one by signing up to my email list below where you will receive my FREE Transformational Toolkit!)

-  Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

-  Limiting and undervaluing belief system

-  Your Core Internal Defense Structures 

-  Inner Child compassion, forgiveness and relationship

-  Your light and dark Shadow

-  Your dreams, passions, life and business mission 

-  Your strengths, talents and uniquely you "superpowers"


Perfect for those who need a laser-focused session to get you into feeling realigned. These sessions focus on one specific area in your life where you feel you need that specific funnelling to get you back on track as to how you want to feel in your day to day life. Please know that if you are wanting to make big changes in your life, this requires a much deeper level of commitment. 

Your investment: $250 AUD per session



Perfect for those ready to get serious about making a real, permanent and palatable change to the way they are currently "doing life". We will tap into your higher-self wisdom and support with the intention of shedding light on those core beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back from living life fully. We will expose your hidden talents that you are disowning because of a negative subconscious relationship with them (yep! you read that right!!) and embrace and reveal them to let your light shine in all of its glory! Throughout the course of 12 weeks, you will be nurtured, supported and experience true unconditional love and re-establish a real connection with your truest self. 

Your Investment: $440 AUD per month (Payment due monthly in advance)



For those serious about true transformation, this one's for you. You are ready to give your life the overhaul and get serious about what's really going on. Our belief defense systems work by knowing energetically of our intention. With long-term commitment, there is a knowing in these defense structures that we are being supported in the way we truly need so transformation can occur. Together we will delve into your shadow, expose and integrate all parts of you that are keeping you playing small. This series involves exploring, uncovering and re-establishing a new relationship with your inner child... one created on the basis of kindness, compassion, and gratitude... You will be facilitated and consequently given the personal take-home tools to deepen and continue strengthening the relationship with that child inside. This 6 month series will see you on a journey of unrivaled exploration and discovery with a level of nurturing and unwavering support and heartfelt commitment, will see you living the life you only imagined. 

Your Investment: $440 AUD per month (Payment due monthly in advance)


  • A comprehensive pre-coaching questionnaire to establish in detail your vision and intention for the results you want to achieve 

  • Evaluation and identification of your defense structure and type you are currently working with 

  • 6 x 90 minute (3 months series) or 12 x 90 minute (6 months series) coaching calls every two weeks to dive deep into any blocks,  via Skype (or in person if available)  

  • Support and space as needed (and determined as most beneficial for you) throughout your coaching series. Due to the deep nature of this work, a higher level of support is provided to ensure you can achieve the most out of your work with me. 

  • Creation of your personal workbook as we progress through the series which will be your own personal "go-to" Transformational Manual at the completion of the series.

  • If we are in person - access to my vast library of books to support you throughout your journey.

  • Energy/Breathwork integrated into your coaching series as I see necessary. 

  • A Heart Inspired Art gift (created by me specifically for you) straight from my HEART to yours at the completion of our series which will serve as a reminder and trigger of your "new" relationship with yourself. 

Can you feel the pull to know more?