I have been a client of Natalie’s for many years now and working with her has helped me to personally transform on a profound level. My most recent therapeutic interactions have been cathartic experiences which has taken my point of gratitude and admiration for Nat’s extraordinary capabilities to a heightened level.

The familiarity of a secure and nurturing encounter was obvious from the beginning. As a result I can naturally open my heart with ease as Nat’s ability to hold space and validate my vulnerabilities which are an exceptional attribute when functioning in such an intimate setting. I can honestly guarantee that anyone seeking to work with Nat can feel assured that they are in the safest of hands.  

 - Kylie Woods -


When I walked into my first session with Nat I was rather wary. I was in a low place and quite sceptical about getting help as I was so over talking about my life and not moving forward. 

Through our sessions Nat breathed hope and life into me with her intuition, wisdom, humour, realness and love. For the first time in my life I was able to work with someone who could sit with me in my deep emotions without fear or judgment. Nat guided me into taking ownership of myself, gave me clarity about my life experiences and enabled me to realise my strength and self-worth. I am forever grateful.

- Deb Greenwell - 


My experience of coaching with Nat has been amazing, challenging and life changing! 

I knew there was a part of myself that I was not fully accepting, not fully letting out. I felt like it wasn’t a socially acceptable part of me so I kept it hidden. In reality it was a huge part of my life but I kept it all inside. With Nat's support I got a chance to acknowledge this part of me, to say it out loud and take action around it.

Nat was so encouraging and non-judgemental. I felt 100% supported by her. She knew when to hold back and when I needed a little nudge. She helped point me in the right direction so I could take steps forward. Nat is the perfect person to have standing in your corner cheering you on as you strive for your goals and the results from my coaching with Nat have been huge. I have so much more self-acceptance. I am living as my authentic self.

- Julieanne Campbell - 


Since working with Natalie I am living a more happy fulfilled life.  Nat helped me to understand that my “self limiting” beliefs were holding me back in many areas of my life.  I have tried many complimentary medicine modalities over the years but have found since doing this work, I have had the most personal growth.  With Natalie’s gentle guidance I was able to look at the core of these limiting beliefs and see them in from a different perspective.  I feel forgiveness and more self-love which has empowered me to let go of the hurt surrounding these issues.  Natalie has given me the tools and knowledge to be more accepting of myself which has allowed me to have a new outlook on life.  Natalie has unequivocally inspired me to have a sense of purpose and well being that I am truly grateful for. 

- Tracy Grundy - 


I know exactly what you are thinking right now, right this very moment. You are thinking "Will it work?" " How can breathing and this stuff actually make a difference? " I know, I was thinking it too until I read a saying, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!" Then she appeared. 

I have been working with Nat for 6 years. I have overcome stress from being a workaholic, abuse from bad relationships, weight issues, anxiety and even the grief of death. I have found self love, confidence, empowerment and courage, with my natural quirky, lovable self. 

Keeping it real... It definitely won't happen overnight. This is not a quick fix like Pantene. This is ongoing. This is something you will choose because you love yourself enough to get out of bed and face the darkness head on. I did. I haven't turned back and I am still here!

Today it's your turn to save YOU. Suit up! 

- Skye Urwin - 


We all hear about how we need to love ourselves, be kind to ourselves, believe in ourselves and we know it's true. But gee it's such a journey. And a lot of the time it's a lonely journey. Natalie's personal journey (and book) is one that shows just what is possible if we are brave and invest the time in finding and embracing our true self.

So talented! So real! So inspiring!

- Leisa Hartigan-Cooper - 


I recently purchased a copy of "A Book of Reminders for the Modern Goddess" by Natalie Gaul and it has been without a doubt the best investment I have made in my 7 year old daughter's emotional health. My daughter struggled with suicidal thoughts at the age of 5 as a result of severe bullying. Since then we have tried numerous approaches to helping her understand her emotions and the importance of emotional wellbeing. This book has been by far the most successful therapy we have tried. After a horrendous day at school, my daughter and I sat down together and read the book - the change that came over her was immediate. She was at peace with herself! Now when she is struggling she gets the book for herself and reads a few pages. It not only provides her with quiet time for reflection but really encourages her to look after herself and reinforces that she is perfect just the way she is. Natalie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are amazing!!

- Sally Brownlie -