I'm so glad you are here!

You're here because you want to know more... and although you may think you're here to know more about this work and me, I believe it's actually because you want to know more about YOU!


I want to let you in on a few things that I know about you.

You're a sensitive soul who is both intuitive, kind and giving, which sometimes is to your own detriment. 

You've come to a point where you've started questioning things you've been doing for a long time because somehow they're not quite sitting the same as they once were...... friendships, relationships, career? 

You feel a little unsettled, kinda like there is something else, something more, but you're not really sure what that is, let alone how to get it. 

This questioning tells me, that like so many souls on the planet right now, you are awakening and your transformational journey has already begun. 

The reason I recognise this is because this is where my own journey began 10 years ago...


I came to a bit of a crisis point in my life, which is quite often the case when you are ready to wake up. I was feeling really sad, confused and lonely and needed some serious outside support to help me out of the funk I was in. I discovered Cathartic Breathwork and it literally changed the whole trajectory of my life. I was learning dozens of new concepts, new ideas and most importantly that anyone has the power to change anything and everything in their life if they are committed to putting in the work. I dove head first into talking to anyone who knew this work, reading and understanding everything I could lay my hands on about becoming conscious and raising my self-awareness. My hunger for this knowledge was insatiable. Understanding a concept is one thing but the true power and real change is actually doing the deep inner work and implementing action.

Three years of deep, intense, soul searching with Cathartic Breathwork, experiencing hundreds of sessions myself and facilitating hundreds more for others saw me committed to a life of understanding everything I could about being human - the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental body. Understanding this work and experiencing the full potency of it has become more than just a career for me. Rather, it's a way of life. Honing my skills so that I can facilitate a nurturing space for others to transform their own lives is my mission in this life. I studied massage therapy to understand the physical body, concepts of core energetics and body phychotherapy to really understand our internal defense structure and more recently life coaching with the intention to bring actual change to the present day and beyond. 

When you are wanting to make real change in your own life, the absolute key is finding someone who has done the real life, hard yards work on themselves. Think about it... would you go to surgeon if they had never performed an operation before? Would you pay someone to put together your website if they have never actually sat in front of a computer? Inner work and coaching is no different! If you want change, work with someone who has made the real changes you are seeking for themselves! 


I have another gig that I absolutely love and cherish more than anything and that's being mum to my beautiful Lili and Charli and wife to my Damien. We live the relatively quiet life with our staffy, Sunny on the beautiful New South Wales Central Coast in Australia.


I grew up over the Blue Mountains in the country town of Bathurst with my parents and sister. We had a pretty typical family, however for as long as I can remember, I always felt like I was a bit of a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I was the shy, sensitive little girl who was terrified of making a mistake. Ridiculously hard on myself to the point of making myself sick and an absolute perfectionist. I always felt that the way I saw life was a bit left of centre and different to everyone else, which meant I was lonely and it was at its worst when I was surrounded by people. 

I felt so much internal pressure to get things right and not make a mistake that in my late teens this inevitably lead me to a very deep and severe depression, capped off with debilitating anxiety. I struggled with these feelings for over 16 years, somehow through it all managing to create a life for myself, successful career, meeting my love at 22, marrying at 27 and having my darlings at 28 and 29. Following the birth of my Charli, my depression hit an all time low and I quite literaly lost all hope to keep going - to be honest I almost didn't... I now see that I almost had to get to my own eternal sleep to propel me into my awakening. This is when I actually started living.

Fast-forward to today and who am I? Well, it's kinda funny because I am exactly the same as I've always been however without the heavy weight of all of the conditioning I was carrying around. In saying that, like EVERYONE on the planet who is doing this human thing, I'm a work in progress. I'm constantly evolving... understanding myself with the laser focus intention of true self- acceptance and love. I do a lot of shadow work, the reason being that I believe the only way you can truly measure how much you accept and love yourself is how much you accept and love all of the really shitty parts about you. It's easy to love the "nicey nice bits" but what about all the other parts? I've learned to hold these parts of myself with compassion. My life and business are based on four fundamental pillars: truth, integrity, personal responsibility and compassion - It's how I live, it's how I parent, it's how I love and relate. Do I get it "right" all the time - Pffft... no way but I always bring my accountability and path back to these four pillars.

The one thing that lights me up more than anything in this world is seeing a person step up into a level of self-acceptance of themselves as a whole. I get REALLY passionate about this and have scared many a client because of my outburst of excitement and celebration! 

The way I see it, life is all about balance. I don't believe in absolutes... I believe in the expansive shades of grey and each individual person discovering, witnessing and accepting where their truth sits on that scale for it is only here that we can find our own true inner peace and contentment. 


Natalie is a Transformation Coach and Advanced Breathwork Practitioner.

With her unique set of skills and down to earth approach, Natalie provides a sacred space for awakening souls to reconnect with their innate inner wisdom and personal truth. Through the gentle unpacking of beliefs and conditioning, she provides the safety and challenge needed to step out of fear and into the driver’s seat of your life.

Natalie has over 9 years of 1:1 work and group facilitation experience and has led hundreds to personal freedom, actualising a whole new level of self-acceptance, worth and comfort in their own skin.

You can find Natalie at www.nataliegaul.com or you can connect with her via Instagram or Facebook .